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Apr 2019

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Expert review door : Andy Boxall (digitaltrends.com)

Mio Fuse review


Watch your heart rate skyrocket on the Mio Fuse, but mainly because you'll be messing around with its connection problems.

The Mio Fuse is a fitness tracker for seriously sporty types, with aspirations of being an all-day wearable for the casual fitness fan — but it’s too large and the software too complicated to be successful. The PAI app is interesting, however, and the...

Sep 2016

Expert review door : Michael Sawh (trustedreviews.com)

Mio Fuse


The Mio Fuse is a fitness-tracking wristband where heart-rate monitoring is the headline feature. It's a near identical setup to the Adidas Mi Fit Smart band, which uses the same Mio optical heart rate sensor, but you also get daily activity tracking...

Accurate heart-rate tracking ; Big display ; Durable and rugged design

Touch features are frustrating to use ; Wraps too tightly around wrist ; Cluttered app experience

The Mio Fuse is one of the most accurate ways to monitor heart rate from the wrist, but the awkward controls and bulky design means there are better options available.

Mei 2015

Editor's Choice

Expert review door : Jill Duffy (pcmag.com)

Mio Fuse


With an optical heart rate monitor for training and a stellar price, the Mio Fuse is an excellent activity tracker that's ideal for runners and cyclists. It doesn't track sleep or take your resting heart rate, but for active types, it's aces and an...

All-day activity tracker with optical heart rate monitor for workouts and training. Comfortable. Waterproof. Shows times, steps, distance, and calories burned, plus heart rate and heart rate zone during workouts. Tracks pace for runs. HRM compatible...

Doesn't track sleep or stairs. No silent alarm or idle alarm. Not good for resting heart rate measurements. Requires mobile device.

There's one more spot in the center of the band where you touch and hold to enable workout mode (a.k.a. activity-tracking). Any time this feature is enabled, the HRM finds your heart rate and displays it, too. Once the Fuse has your heart rate, you...

Dec 2014

Expert review door : Pete Dreyer (techradar.com)

Mio Fuse review


Mio's wearable heart-rate monitor is one for the hardcore fitness freak

Fantastic heart-rate monitoring Excellent battery life Great compatibility with other apps and devices

Uninspiring design Inaccurate step counting Limited companion app

If you're absolutely sold on the heart-rate options, and you want something that'll give you that data without the weight of a chest-strap, we would absolutely recommend the Mio Fuse, and we think you'll be more than happy. Just don't come expecting...

Feb 2015

Expert review door : John V. (phonearena.com)

Mio Fuse Review


The Mio Fuse is going for more than that conventional look. In a segment that's dominated by big names like Fitbit and Jawbone, it'll require some unprecedented qualities to stand a chance in surviving...

Stylish design that fits comfortably ; Scrolling LED display ; Daily totals can be viewed through the display ; Excellent battery life

No real-time heart rate tracking ; No sleep tracking ; App experience can’t measure up to its rivals

Without a doubt, the Mio Fuse has the stylish design to make people take notice of it. And it helps, too, that its LED display is a head turner when it’s activated. Most people will be instantly affixed to the Mio Fuse’s design, but it just can’t...

Jul 2015

Expert review door : Valentina Palladino (arstechnica.com)

Mio Fuse reviewed: A fitness band that works better than it looks


Sure you could wear it all day long, but the Fuse doesn't shine 24/7.

Comfortable, adjustable design. ; Accurate heart rate monitor that can support high heart rate levels. ; Can track a number of exercises, including swimming. ; Mio Go app paired with the device makes it easy to train using heart rate zones.

Does not have customizable alarms or receive smartphone alerts. ; Mio Go app had syncing issues in the first couple days of use. ; PAI companion app's features should just be lumped into Mio Go.

Mio has had a number of chances to make its products more like everyone else's, but it continues to go its own way. The Fuse is bulky compared to other fitness bands, but it still manages to be useful. It's certainly limited compared to similar Fitbit...

Apr 2016

Expert review door : Mike Prospero (tomsguide.com)

Mio Fuse Review


The Mio Fuse does everything it's meant to do fairly well; it was comfortable to wear and accurately tracked my heart rate. Its biggest fault is its poor distance tracking. So why doesn't it get a higher rating? Because it does far less than other...

Accurate optical heart rate monitor ; Comfortable design ; Good battery life.

Doesn't track sleep ; No alarm functions ; No smartphone notifications.

This sporty wristband features a bright display and an accurate heart rate monitor, but it lacks features found on similarly priced fitness trackers.

Okt 2015

Expert review door : paul_smart (gadgetspeak.com)

Mio Fuse for iOS or Android


This is the latest fitness device to come my way, as I am now using Android 5 it should link without problem, it is stated to work with later versions of Android 4 with low power Bluetooth 4 and that is what you should check before purchase.

Fully stretched the strap containing the Fuse reaches to 25.5cm; it is black rubber on the face and red rubber on the back. Download the App from the link given in the Quick Start Guide. Charge the Fuse from either a plug front or any PC USB port and...

Apr 2015

Expert review door : TG Publishing Team (tomshardware.de)

Mio Fuse: Fitnessarmband mit toller Pulsfunktion, aber hakeliger Software


Der Fuse von Mio trägt sich angenehm, ist gut verarbeitet und besitzt eine gut ablesbare Anzeige. Als Pulsmesser macht er eine tolle Figur und auch die Bedienung ist gut gelöst. An der zugehörigen App muss der Hersteller aber noch arbeiten.

Okt 2016

Expert review door : Редакция THG (thg.ru)

Обзор фитнес-трекера Mio Fuse


Mio Fuse оригинален, прост и удобен, но набор его функций не столь широк, как у некоторых конкурентов в том же сегменте.

Okt 2015