ABS M1 Heavy Duty Professional Gaming Mechanical Keyboard

ABS M1 Heavy Duty Professional Gaming Mechanical Keyboard
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Okt 2020

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Consumenten review (newegg.com)

Love it


If you can find THIS specific M1 ABS Mechanical Keyboard anywhere for 20-60 bucks then BUY IT. It will take a beating and still work amazing I have dropped this over 100 times (i play games and work from my lap) a key has never came off. It never...

Sturdy and amazing keyboard overall You can read all about how well it functions and the cable being well designed. I LOVE THIS KEYBOARD

Newegg ran out ; LED's are BRIGHT (near annoying) but nothing 3 pinholes in Electrical tape cant fix

Aug 2011

Consumenten review (newegg.com)

Faked Clack Is Bothersome!


It's just a noise maker. Too bad because it's built well.

Solid build. Heavy. Cloth wrapped USB cord. Full keyboard. The keyboard looks really rugged

The clack technique feels like a sleeve c-o-c-king (not a bad word) on a shaft, jamming and then bottoming out. The hydrostatic shock is bothersome. This is NOT a negative spring--it's a faked clack. Mechanically, it feels worrysome, bad suspension...

Jan 2011

Consumenten review (newegg.com)

Nice Keyboard!


For those who haven't used a mechanical switch keyboard - the switches are a lot more noisy than your typical membrane keyboard. They have an entirely different feel as well. It is a more tactile experience and far more effective for accurate high...

Replaces the IBM Model M. It's about 85% of the noise of a Model M. The feel is good. It's a more compact footprint and has taken a couple of days to get adjusted to. That said, the smaller footprint is so worth it, and yes, you can blaze the keys like...

May get you in trouble. See other thoughts

Apr 2010

Consumenten review (newegg.com)

Do not like the feel/layout


This keyboard is very fatiguing to type on for me. I have to forcibly press the keys down much harder than I did on my Saitek and they don't feel particularly more solid - just more resistant to my fingers. I didn't find the Saitek too easy to depress,...

Well, it's mechanical - should mean it lasts a long time. To be fair I've never had a membrane keyboard ever wear out on me - I've broken them but it's not their fault, more mine. Looks decent, I've noticed many other keyboards that cost way more than...

The feel and layout. I came to this from a Saitek Eclipse (Red Edition) which had the exact layout I like. Like I said, the HUGEST thing to complain about on this - no dip on the caps lock key. If you're like me, you rest your left ring finger right...

Apr 2010

Consumenten review (newegg.com)

Great mechanical keyboard!


For $20 shipped this was a great investment.

This is a very sturdy keyboard and will probably last a very long time. The cord is nicely braided and thick which I didn't even know about until I opened the box. The feedback on the keys feel amazing when typing ; I mostly use it for surfing the...

It's not exceptionally loud but it does make a bit of noise when typing. I would definitely not use this for writing an essay as it would give me a headache ; The LEDs are a bit bright. Just place some black electrical tape over them and they won't be...

Apr 2010

Consumenten review (newegg.com)

ABS M1 is Superb.


There's a reason it sold out for $20. :-)

Smooth, keys don't need to bottom out, excellent response, padding to keep the keyboard in place. Got this on sale with promo code for $20. Can't be beat at that price, and is hard to beat for 50$. Worth every penny

Some may not like that's is 3.5 lbs, but it suits the feel of the keyboard so it doesn't move

Apr 2010

Consumenten review (newegg.com)

Excellent USB keyboard.


excellent buy, especially if its on sale.

Better than the Filco Tenkeyless with Alps clicky switch ; Great keyboard for both gaming and typing ; True 6 key roll over: I had the microsoft comfort curve 1000 rubber dome keyboard (which was excellent for typing by the way), the 1000 have the...

Only 6 key rollover. No more than 6

Apr 2010

Consumenten review (newegg.com)

Thock thock


It's got all the standard keys, no extras on here, but that's why I like it. I've been using a $10 logitech keyboard for the longest time. This difference is crazy. Makes typing kind of fun to listen to (and kind of annoying). Keys don't click when...

Works like any other keyboard for games ; Great for typing ; Standard keys ; No issues using wasd and space or ctrl etc. (I play wow and I've had no problems :D )

The cord isn't very long ; The leds are VERY bright when you look at them directly (but you won't cause they are at an angle) ; The ABS logo kinda ruins the classiness ; It's kind of loud to type on when you compare it to the cheap logitech keyboards...

Apr 2010

Consumenten review (newegg.com)

Great feel and nice loud sound, but not a Model M clone


This type of keyboard is not the same as a Model M. The clicking noise comes from the keys landing, not from the (very faint) click in the key mechanisms themselves. However, the click happens at the moment of keystroke actuation which gives this a...

Loud, ringing reverberation is just like keyboards of old PC clones not made by IBM (see Cons) ; The keyboard is only a little larger than the keys take up. This is a major bonus if you like small keyboards but don't want to compromise on keys ; FULL...

The case reverberates a bit with a ring. Your table may amplify or muffle it. I don't happen to care but you might ; This is not a Lexmark Model M keyboard clone and does not pretend to be. The reviewers who think this is a Model M are confusing this...

Apr 2010

Consumenten review (newegg.com)



reacts amazing, feels great to hit the keys and cheap as dirt for its kind of keyboard

its loud, but if you didnt expect it to be then you need to get off new egg and get a coloring book

Apr 2010

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