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Consumenten review (newegg.com)

Great Keyboard.


adjustable lighting on the keys. not overly loud handy mouse cord holder awesome for the price

Not really any complaints

Mei 2016

Consumenten review (newegg.com)

slowly dieing


in the several months of owning this board I've had to reseat the usbs at least once a month

bright, easy to read keys day or night

first the volume control lights stopped lighting now then right shift key stopped, have to reboot to get lights back on after waking from sleep mode

Mei 2016

Consumenten review (newegg.com)

Excellent example of quality workmanship!


Love the keyboard and would definitely recommend it.

A lot of time went into the physical design of this keyboard and G.Skill nailed it. This is one beautiful keyboard with a tremendous amount of features. Aesthetics and quality are seen throughout this physical device and I love typing with it. Keys are...

This device would be a 5 egg device but one disappointing shortcoming..The software! Although it isn't intuitive I worked my way through it. The biggest problem was getting to even run on Windows 10 Pro. It just would not start under any circumstances....

Mei 2016

Consumenten review (newegg.com)

Everything I need!


This is such a giant leap forward from basic keyboards, I will never go back. I have heavy hands and type over 70 wpm, so my Dell keyboard at work took a beating. I am much faster at typing and keying numbers into my financial reports.

Solid construction, visually appealing, keys are efficient, LED effects are nice

Out of the box the cable was a bit stubborn. It is thick and braided, just needs time to relax.

Apr 2016

Consumenten review (newegg.com)

A little disapointed 2


This is a continuation on my last review that I wrote literally 2 minutes ago but forgot to add something.

Aside from the randomness from before, every now and then when my computer goes to sleep, and I wake it up again, the keyboard is in some state where only a few buttons are lit and completely unresponsive. At first I thought it was a macro setting or...

Apr 2016

Consumenten review (newegg.com)

Terrific Mechanical Keyboard. (Updated 24 March 2016)


I've been a fan of mechanical keyboards since the mid 90's when I typed with the original IBM Model M keyboard. Since then I have only used mechanical keyboards at work and home, the only non-mechanical keyboard I use is on my laptop and I hate using...

Cherry MX Keys (Blue) Great keyboard for typing Extra gaming keycaps and keycap puller Programmable macros Backlit keys (red) Media keys and volume control Detachable wrist rest Full N Key Roll Over Braided Cable Black aluminum finish looks amazing...

Larger form factor than some Gaming Keycaps don’t add value Not RGB lighting Blue MX switches are a little noisy (Update) Failure of the Left Shift switch already causes me concern. 1 egg off for reliability.

Mar 2016

Consumenten review (newegg.com)

Great keyboard hardware, some software issues


Cherry MX Blue switches have a reputation for being loud and "clacky," and on some keyboards, it is deserved. That said, this particular keyboard isn't really very loud at all. The audible click is there but it's not as in-your-face loud as it is on...

I have always been a fan of mechanical keyboards--if you do serious typing, then the advantages are enormous: on an inexpensive, conventional keyboard with "rubber dome" contacts, you actually have to press each key all the way to the bottom to get the...

The only real con for the keyboard itself is its size--it is a large, heavy keyboard that takes up quite a bit of your desktop real estate. I am not thrilled with the software--it's ok but not outstanding. Still, you can ignore it and not lose much, as...

Mar 2016

Consumenten review (newegg.com)

It's got the clicky MX Blue Switches. Build Quality is Top Notch!


This keyboard is decent. The one big flaw though is the annoying noise it makes when the backlights are turned on. I could find no way to fix that issue.

- Build quality is great. The keyboard feels like it's built like a tank. - MX Blue switches so it makes clicky sounds when typing. - Individually blacklit keys. - Audio output pass-through to connect headsets / headphones.

- Extra keycaps are a little too tall for me personally. - When the backlights for the keys is turned on, the keyboard emits a constant, annoying, high-pitched tone that doesn't go away until you turn off the backlights - Software for the keyboard...

Mar 2016

Consumenten review (newegg.com)

A Really Good Gaming Keyboard Despite a Few Odd Design Choices


If you'll forgive the sports analogy here on a technical review: The KM780MX gaming keyboard is not going to be the grand slam you're hoping for. However, for their first time at bat in the gaming keyboard market they pulled off a triple. (with a run...

-Very solid construction. For keyboards in the price range you expect quality and G.Skill definitely delivered here. While it is noticeably heavier than your average keyboard it's also noticeably sturdier. -Building on the solid construction is...

-Right off the start I want to swing back to that “aesthetic vs functional” design I mentioned in the pros. Two really odd design choices I want to point out: 1. Due to the height of the keys I have to lean forward to check if the caps lock is on. I...

Mar 2016

Consumenten review (newegg.com)

One of the best keyboards I have used


If this had RGB it would be one of my Favorite Keyboards of all time................ EVER. The K70-RGB is nice, but no Dedicated Macro keys, and it is VERY CLICKY, so the KM780 is a VERY NICE keyboard. Only thing I can think of that might make this...

Cherry MX switches (Blue) {And they are not very loud in this set-up} Red Illuminated Keys Volume indicator Cord guide Soft wrist rest Usb pass thru Audio pass thru! Profile Keys Macro keys Braided cable sleeve N-key roll over Anti ghosting Full...

Software was a bit buggy until I upgraded the Firmware on it, seems to be connected to the software version like my K70-RGB.

Mar 2016