i-rocks RF-6520

i-rocks  RF-6520
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Okt 2020

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Consumenten review (newegg.com)



Size, compact, easy to press keys

Range is small when it works. Receiver stopped recognizing keyboard. Even changed computers to see if it would pick up again and it didn't

Mar 2012

Consumenten review (newegg.com)

Nice lightweight keyboard


Some people said they have trouble with it staying still when they type because of its light weight. I don't have any problems with this. The bottom of it has rubber contacts, and it seems to stay in place pretty well. And in case anyone is having...

Very slim, lightweight keyboard. Nice if you like to type with it in your lap. Low profile keys like a laptop. They make a nice sound when you type. It shuts itself off after a few minutes of inactivity to save battery life

Owned it for about four months before it stopped synching with the USB dongle. Had to go through the whole RMA process with PCUSA (they own i-Rocks). This took a total of about two months and the cost of faxing an RMA request form and shipping the...

Feb 2011

Consumenten review (newegg.com)

Best keyboard ever!


If you guys want to check out my MLG look out for my user name irapbeterthanu or patdaawsomes.

At first I thought okay I'm just gonna buy a cheap keyboard for my new computer. I use this computer everything editing videos,pictures,learning,surfing the web and professional gaming and this is the very best keyboard I have every used and I have use...

Not one bad thing well unless you need more usb slots for your computer. So they could've made it to also be a bluetooth connected keyboard

Jan 2011

Consumenten review (newegg.com)

Great keyboard, but falsely advertised as spillproof


Nevertheless as fate would have it, Newegg had it on sale for cyber monday and I bought another one. Overall it is a very good keyboard for anything from use on a cluttered or small desktop, to on the couch with your htpc, or on the go. I think the...

Has a great overall feel to it. Has a quick snappiness almost like the apple chicklet keyboards, but with a more comfortable and cohesive smoothness to it. It's hard to describe the feel of a keyboard but I would liken it more to using a laptop...

Really would be better if the right hand numeric entry buttons were eliminated altogether. It is silly to include them on a keyboard that aspires to be compact as they are superfluous unless one has a lot of number entry or odd character entry to do ;...

Nov 2010

Consumenten review (newegg.com)

Nice, small keyboard


Very small, very light. Power indicator was a nice touch, as was the on-keyboard dock for the small receiver

A bit too small: my favorite key combos (flipping through tabs, especially) weren't easily reachable. Ended up returning it

Nov 2010

Consumenten review (newegg.com)

Worth the money


Very small, thin and light. Does not seem cheap at all ; almost no lag

some keys like F1/F2 keys are smaller than average, takes some getting used too

Nov 2010

Consumenten review (newegg.com)

Do not buy this keyboard


It does not do it all the time but if you have the money I would get something just a little bit better.

It's wireless and it works 90% of the time

It's like the keys constantly goes out and the faster you type it seems like the keyboard just can't stay caught up

Nov 2010

Consumenten review (newegg.com)

nice board



it worked well rite outa the box ; firm keys ; quick typing is a breeze ; im about 2 arm lengths from it and its perfect ; its laid out alot like a laptop even the keys come out barley at all ; small and not flimsy but still enough room for u r hands ;...

not really a con my own fault. read the manual. seriously. it has a wireless ID protection that u need to first. its like u have to have the keyboard 30cm from the USB device and hit the link key. didnt know that. so i sat here for 10min wondering why...

Okt 2010

Consumenten review (newegg.com)

awsome little keyboard


This is replacing my micro$uck 4000 keyboard that always had problems with distance due to using single sight IR tech. Now it no longer works for some reason. Took it apart, looks fine, but no longer works. Way to go M$. Another note on FHSS. This uses...

This thing has amazing range, portability, is durable, and battery saving features that most keyboards don't have. Its super light and has FHSS wireless tech which allows for the wide range that this keyboard has. I can now type with my keyboard from...

Its slightly smaller than I wanted, but since the main keyboard section is the default size, I can live with it. Another thing to note is that the receiver is made of plastic so that part is cheap and might break if it has any pressure on it

Okt 2010

Consumenten review (newegg.com)

pretty good


It's basically a laptop keyboard mounted in a wireless base. I'm used to regular keyboards with full-height keys, so I'm still getting used to these short laptop keys. But it's pretty quiet and I can type pretty fast. The only minor problem is that...

13.5 inch width leaves lots of room for my mouse

Non-standard key layout

Okt 2010

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