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Okt 2020

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Excellent for typing


Firm keypresses - you know exactly where the keypress contact is ; Audible response for the same reason ; Nice long cable ; Super comfortable

Can't open the darn thing to clean it--although the upside-down shakes don't sound half as bad with this keyboard ; No USB adapter included

Jun 2012

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The rightone


Now this is my third Designer P2. I've thought through this purchase for quite some time. I didn't want to have to keep buying these boards. I've always looked for value in spending a little more to get a lot more out of it. So I started looking into...

Great feel and noise, and gets better with age, great for typing and RTS gaming ; Weighted keys are very nice to type on ; Solid feel. Truly is one of the best keyboards around ; I really enjoy the typing feel and sound it makes ; As close to the Topre...

A couple of issues I had with this keyboard ; 1. The F keys are way to high to use for gaming, but I actually do not use the F keys, shame on my, but I've been doing it for 10 years so I'm fine with it ; 2. The keyboard does not take kind to any water...

Sep 2011

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Keys not removable, rubber dome


After looking around, I found that this keyboard cannot be easily disassembled as there are no screws. I dug up a key puller and managed to carefully and safely get a few up, but the spacebar was in the way. I tried to get it out but it didn't want to...

Nice layout: Enter key and backspace are where they should be, keys have nice height and most have decent action. I can get 85 wpm; 10 higher than on the Model M I traded for this ; I wish I hadn't. I hate this keyboard

Keys are not removable. I like to know what's in my equipment so the first thing I did was pop a key off to see what kind of switches it uses. Unfortunately I was doubly disappointed because first it uses rubber dome capacitive switches that feel like...

Mar 2011

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puts most to shame


Maybe a pro or con depending on your preference, but this keyboard is large. The footprint has got more than enough room for all of the keys, and basically an extra half inch to whole inch of plastic edge around the whole thing. I absolutely love the...

The keys are tall, and have very spacious gaps next to each other. This is a very important feature for me, as laptop keyboards and other "flat" designs usually have no space between keys, causing me to hit 2+ keys far too often. I got this one used...

Not the best choice for gaming, especially if you like to hotkey things. The reason is that the F1 - F12 keys are super far away, and difficult to reach in a pinch. Cord is also a tad shorter than I would like

Feb 2011

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Great Keyboard


I own my own IT business so my keyboard gets used constantly. I am not a gamer so cannot speak to that aspect. I also do not like 'extra' buttons on my keyboard so the plain-ness of this is perfect for my needs/wants. I hope this keyboard lasts as long...

Heavy, sturdy, nice tactile response. Stays put. Bought to replace 15 year old IBM KB. This one seems easier to type on and I seem to be able to type a bit faster with fewer errors as well. Has an 'old-school' keyboard feel to it. Keys are laid out...

It wasn't free. That's hardly a valid 'con' but it's all I've got

Nov 2010

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Nice ordinary keyboard


This is a regular keyboard with a very sturdy, not-going-to-go-anywhere base. I bought it b/c my old Dell kb would wobble. It's a lot louder and requires more desk space but it does not wobble.

Large enough keys, very sturdy, easy to read characters

Loud keys, long from monitor to wrists (had to push my monitor back)

Nov 2010

Consumenten review (

I love this keyboard


Plain and simple, this is an excellent keyboard. Most important to me is that the tactile feedback of the keyboard is the BEST I have ever experienced using this keyswitch technology (rubber-dome). I am somewhat of a keyboard fanatic, and I own several...

Keystroke feedback, quality feel, simpley great overall excecution

For the price, none

Aug 2010

Consumenten review (

One of the best keyboards money can buy.


As a gamer, I have a need for a keyboard with a high ps/2 buffer... as in, a keyboard I can press many keys at the same time on. I also don't like keyboards with lots of needless buttons and junk on them (like most so-called 'gaming' keyboards from...

I have been a long time fan of Keytronic'c keyboards, but I haven't owned one in a while. I *finally* got this one today, and all I can say is "wow." You definetly get what you pay for in this case. The feel of these keys is unbelievable. Nice, crisp...

Limited retail store distribution, somewhat high shipping for such a low-weight package

Jun 2009

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Title: Very fine keyboard


The cord comes off the back of the unit (not the bottom). It is not centered, but is 2 1/4 inches from the right side, and is about 5 feet long.

Keyboard preferences vary widely. I like mine with a good tactile feel - slight resistive pressure to start then a smooth quiet (not silent but not with a loud click either) contact. That describes this keyboard pretty accurately, and it's the best one...

The textured finish on my board is slightly non-uniform. It's almost like it endured abnormal thermal stress during manufacturing (a total guess on my part). This effect is slight and not too noticable - you have to be looking for it to see it. It...

Jan 2009

Consumenten review (

Great Keyboard


I am not a touch typist, which is why I rate my tech knowledge at 4, and personally use a Saitek Eclipse (back lite in blue of course) howeverI have built many systems for my clients with this keyboard. For a business get this one.

Defines the standard for business keybaords


Dec 2008