Lenovo ThinkPad Compact USB Keyboard with TrackPoint

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Consumenten review (newegg.com)

Didn't work for me


I chose this bluetooth keyboard because Lenovo has had a reputation of quality in my mind over the years. Between the unreliability/interference issues with this keyboard, and then the lack of quality in the support experience, I'm returning this one...

Easy to set up, and I've always loved that little red mouse-tip thing. Easy-to-use FLock function so your function keys can be normal by default

Doesn't work well at all when I'm also using my separate Bluetooth mouse ; Tried to get support help from Lenovo, but had an extremely frustrating experience. It seems like this keyboard is not yet in Lenovo's support database, so they were all...

Aug 2015

Consumenten review (newegg.com)



It doesn't work with USB. This keyboard would be so squeeking awesome if it worked with USB and charged while plugged in and BlueTooth while it wasn't.

Cordless keyboards are nice. It would be perfect for a presentation if you weren't talking but had to type or had a laptop you used docked

Slow response sometimes. It takes a while to be recognized by the computer after inactivity. Not for gaming. I was very sad to see it only charges by USB

Mei 2014

Consumenten review (newegg.com)

Stiffer keys than the real thing


The trackpoint drifts, but they always do. Considering the opportunity for some redesign, I would have enjoyed larger arrow keys. Not all apps can be configured to use vim key bindings, so arrows get used.

Perfect layout for me. Even better layout for me than the real laptop (larger esc key, not above f1)

They keys are stiffer than the real laptop keyboards. I think my fingers have adjusted over time, but it was a little uncomfortable early on ; Was not able to configure the trackpoint to move as fast as I wanted

Nov 2010

Consumenten review (newegg.com)

three months of use: this keyboard strikes out


The ideal purchaser for this keyboard will be a slower typist who has no previous experience with Thinkpad keyboards. If you're a longtime Thinkpad keyboard users and/or a medium-to-fast typist, you may find that this new model has slow response, a...

small size

poor keyboard response

Nov 2010

Consumenten review (newegg.com)

nice keyboard overall


This keyboard works amazingly well as a gaming keyboard, as it has awesome key action and keys are positioned very closely in the right areas. Would have never thought that but i absolutely love this keyboard for gaming.

Nice key action and not very loud ; No number pad - something I consider a total waste of space and almost never use

Trackpoint is a bit useless, I would rather see them bring back the touchpad

Okt 2010

Consumenten review (newegg.com)

Excellent keyboard


I just love it. I'm going to order another one for the office. Love the three buttons which only Thinkpad keyboards have.

Just like my Thinkpad keyboard. Reduces my carpal tunnel syndrom (or at least I think that it does). You also get an integrated extra mouse through the track point. I am even able to reach the arrows with my right pinky finger which means less movement...

Plastic feels a bit cheap but it's not really a concern. It bends very slightly in the middle if you press hard on it, but it's not really a concern and you don't notice it unless you really press hard (which you sholdn't, bad for the tendons in your...

Sep 2010

Consumenten review (newegg.com)

For use with desktop


TIP! if using for your desktop make sure your BIOS setting for the NmLk is set to "Off" otherwise every time you log in you may find that you will be typing numbers instead of letters! eg. i=5; o=6, u=4

Compact in size. Reduce strain by using TrackPoint. No keypad to the right of keyboard so closer reach to the mouse if needed. Less travel to press keys. looks great

Not exactly same build as my T61 keyboard, but works just the same there is a slight difference in the "sound" and "feel" I am guessing a difference in the springs and backing of the keyboard since it "quieter." T61 sounds more metallic in nature

Aug 2010

Consumenten review (newegg.com)

doesn't measure up to previous Thinkpad keyboards


I have used Thinkpad laptops since 1992 and have used an external Thinkpad keyboard at work for several years. I tend to wear out the external keyboards in two years or less so have had three models prior to this one. Until this keyboard, the externals...

Keyboard layout is similar to long-time Thinkpad norm

Key response inferior to Thinkpad laptop keyboards ; Key response inferior to previous Thinkpad external keyboards

Aug 2010

Consumenten review (newegg.com)

Nice try, but not exactly....


This is about the third iteration of the Thinkpad keyboard that I've purchased and the first one that I simply could not use. The USB Travel Keyboard with UltraNav so far is the way to go.

None noted. The price is about 1/2 of the USB Travel Keyboard with UltraNav which is an exact replica of the Thinkpad keyboard layout including UltraNav

If this is supposed to be an exact copy of the Thinkpad laptop keyboard then it was a nice try, but failure. I found too many of the keys in the wrong place (F1 is not below the Esc) or missing (no insert key above the Del)

Aug 2010

Consumenten review (newegg.com)

Random caps annoying


I wish there was a wireless version of this. I'm tempted to try the ROsewill touchpad one, but I fear I will miss the Trackpoint.

AS several others have pointed out, this keyboard is basically a Thinkpad keyboard with a USB interface, and is one of the very few keyboards available with a Trackpoint. I also have a Unicomp keyboard with trackpoint, but it doesn't have a middle...

The random "shift stays on too long" problem is quite annoying when you start running into it. I think it has to do with rollover--if the shift key was depressed when it rolls over to the next key, then shift will be on for that key also even if shift...

Aug 2010

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