Logitech diNovo Edge 2-Tone 84 Normal Keys 9 Function Keys Bluetooth Wireless Mini Keyboard - Retail

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Consumenten review (newegg.com)

Nice Wireless keyboard


Just needed a spare wireless keyboard for 2nd PC and PS3. Selling point for me was the rechargeable dock. Good feel overall. Only complaint is price.....No High end features on the keyboard to justify the cost....100-120 sound more reasonable.

Slim ; Visually pleasing ; Good Keyboard feel ; Bluetooth ; Rechargeable dock

Touch pad is ok, not great ; Price should be around 100

Feb 2010

Consumenten review (newegg.com)

If you do computers, YOU NEED THIS!


i would have liked to buy this keyboard a little bit cheaper but thats me and my objective to get everything dirt cheap. i bought this and i will say i never been this satisfied over things ive boughten. i get use out of it everyday and if you think...

Clean Beautiful Look great finish impress friends NO one ever said they hate it ; Used acrossed the room with little to no lag ; Charging time is amazing womping 2months barely ever charge it ; Extremely slim lightweight and easy to connect without the...

id perfer something a little less glossy or anti fingerprint technology kind of annoying to see fingerprints but thats nitpicking like crazy ; mac osx (intel hackintosh snow leopard) doesn't really use all the buttons like i would like... of course the...

Nov 2009

Consumenten review (newegg.com)



Under all seriousness, its basically a laptop keyboard in a desktop keyboard form factor. If you like typing on the laptop then you will like typing on the edge.

Very fast and responsive keyboard ; doesn't require much force to press keys. Been using one for 2+ years and whenever I use a regular keyboard I can feel the strain on my fingers. Since the keyboard is bluetooth you can connect it to any bluetooth...

Get's dirty quickly, so expect to be using that supplied microfiber cleaning cloth once a week. It only has a range of about 30 feet, given the limitations of bluetooth ; yea it's sad. It doesn't have a number pad, you'll have to use the numbers on the...

Nov 2009

Consumenten review (newegg.com)

Magnificent blending of form and function


The wireless usb emulation also lets the keyboard function on startup, as long as your bios supports usb keyboards. And the best thing, for me at least, is that all of this "just works" in Fedora 11. This running on (I think) the 2.6.29 kernel, 64-bit....

Well, first up, it's gorgeous. There's nothing about this board that's unattractive. I love having it standing up in the charger showing off how pretty it is. The keys feel great. The key presses are very smooth and just a little bit "clicky" at the...

My one problem with it, and the reason for losing an egg, is that it sometimes is reluctant to charge while it's in the cradle

Okt 2009

Consumenten review (newegg.com)

Great Keyboard, No Number Pad


to ke0, about the losing connection. It's not the receiver or keyboard losing connection, it's the USB port's power settings, it's an easy fix.

Overall great keyboard ; feels great ; decent responsiveness ; quick and easy connection ; aesthetically pleasing ; touch pad ; out of box functionality

no number pad (sold separately, just not here.) ; gloss black finish is fingerprint happy ; right hand layout (home, end, delete, etc) ; not a big fan of software

Okt 2009

Consumenten review (newegg.com)

Slick but not functional


More cons: the touch slide to control sound volume is not very sensative so you keep having to swipe it until it engages. Well you've heard the good and the bad. If I knew this wasn't going to do the job before I blew $200 on it I would have bought a...

This is beautiful to look at. Has all the features I want. The keyboard is lightweight so no problem using it on your lap. The charger cradle is superb. When the keyboard is sitting in the charging cradle it looks like something out of the 22nd...

The PC is about 10 feet away from the bluetooth receiver which is mounted on the front panel of the PC case. Occasionally the bluetooth connection drops which requires a walk over to the PC and pushing buttons on the receiver and keyboard until you get...

Sep 2009

Consumenten review (newegg.com)

Great keyboard for HTPC


Overall I am very impressed. I can't really say it was worth the money, but it is certainly the nicest keyboard on the market.

Being a cheapskate when it comes to keyboards I hesitatingly splurged for this because I needed a good HTPC wireless keyboard. This certainly fits the bill, plus it looks great! The range and connectivity is fantastic and it has very smooth operation...

Definitely price ; After prolonged use (i.e. an hour or more of gaming) it can get quite uncomfortable as it's not really designed for that. In a desktop environment I don't see this being an issue at all

Sep 2009

Consumenten review (newegg.com)

Favorite keyboard I've owned


I have purchased these keyboards for home and work, and several coworkers have done the same. We all find this to be our favorite keyboard in spite of the stupidity around the mouse. it's the sturdiness of the slab, and the feeling of the keys, that...

Rather tidy in size and appearance. Nice short-throw keys have a good touch feeling and let me type very quickly and accurately, which is the reason I was attracted to begin with. Decent battery life, given that it has lights and sounds and extra stuff...

The mouse is usable in emergencies, but NEVER, EVER for daily use. If I'm laying back on my chair and watching a movie, I use the mouse rather than reach up to my desk. It's usable, but impractical. The two buttons below the pad are in a weird spot,...

Aug 2009

Consumenten review (newegg.com)

Almost perfect


I bought this for a living room home theater PC setup and I am very happy with how it fits in cosmetically. However, I docked an egg because the keys are not backlit (seems like an obvious omission) and the touchpad could be a little bigger for...

Slick, beautiful, and well designed. The keys feel very nice to the touch. The mass and size of the keyboard is very comfortable and balanced. The recharging base station is also very stylish. The volume slider is very handy

Touchpad is a tad small and placed to the side. I am used to the notebook placement of the touchpad below the keys. I guess it will just take some getting used to. The twirl-to-scroll function is finicky and does not work correctly all the time (seems...

Aug 2009

Consumenten review (newegg.com)

Quick and Dirty pros/cons


You really get what you pay for here. I forget it has internal batteries because I never change a pack or put AA's in it. It keeps a charge for such a long time that when I do see the red battery light it shocks me. You can use it for half a day even...

Battery lasts and insane amount of time and I am a gamer (3 weeks easily on 1 overnight charge, and I game daily) ; Range is incredible, I can type from my basement 2 floors down ; silent typing, similar to typing on a notebook ; programmable Fn keys...

the volume slider often doesnt respond unless you wiggle your finger around on the touchpad first (not a big deal and this only happens in a fullscreen game I find) ; no numpad, but given they layout its fine. Its not actually a gamer keyboard

Jun 2009