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Consumenten review (

Only worked about one year


DO NOT BUY MADE IN CHINA WHEN you want it to be really good.

typing feels great

only last for less then a year

Mei 2016

Consumenten review (

A good gaming Keyboard for the price!


-Yes I would recommend to to other gamers -Overall very nice and cheap -Have had it for nearly two years and no bulbs or switches have died ( Moderate - Heavy Gaming Load )

-Finish of the Keyboard is very nice -The Back-lit blue color is very nice to the eye -Has all the necessities of a regular keyboard and more -Definitely fine for gaming purposes

- In my personal opinion I like the sound of loud key switches but I know some people will find it annoying so if youre avoiding loud keyboards this one may not be for you.

Apr 2016

Consumenten review (

Failing keys and no warranty response


A couple keys began failing to register with normal pressing within first year of usage - it takes harder pressing force to register, i.e. the blue switch's click sound does not mean the key is registered. It got worse from there, gradually more keys...

Compact design and affordable price

Does not live up to the reputation of reliability from mechanism keyboards; Had 3 attempts for customer service for warranty, and gave up after a week with no response

Apr 2016

Consumenten review (

Excellent keyboard, but potentially faulty models im sure


- I would definitely recommend this product, I'll use this keyboard until it finally dies, absolutely love it. - hold onto your receipts, you never know if there is going to be an actual issue further down, since it did operate "poorly" at first -...

- tactile feedback is great - keys are fantastic - year and a half no issues

- BREAK IN PERIOD, DONT BE ALARMED BY POOR/STRANGE FUNCTION OUT OF BOX - there is definitely a breakin period for some of the keys - at first some keys wouldnt register or had a double click feel

Mar 2016

Consumenten review (

Good for about 2 years


Submitted warranty claim to Thermal take 2 times and they havent responded. Will change my review if that changes.

- My first experience with a mechanical keyboard and i really actually liked the feel of the board. - Solid build quality - non slip feet work well

- space bar went faulty at about 1 year 9 months, im writing the review with the keyboard right now and as you can tell there is a few extra spaces in some spots.

Feb 2016

Consumenten review (

okay keyboard for a small budget


i wasn't a fan of the blue switches, although this is all personal preference wouldn't recommend if you're looking for a long lasting keyboard

great response time clean keystrokes

after some time there began to be an issue where after i'd press my caps lock key (hotkey in mumble, etc) it would spam my F12 key until i hit caps lock again. say if i was in a game of counterstrike, i may try to comm. to my buddies in mumble and end...

Feb 2016

Consumenten review (

Very nice budget keyboard, few mistakes


I've had this keyboard for about 2 months now and the lights haven't dimmed at all. It isn't awkward to use at all even without a wrist rest. I extremely recommend this if you don't have a mechanical keyboard and you're looking for one. Can't complain...

- Sounds very professional and nice - Lights don't look cheap - keys are easy to take out and put back in - Cool features such as the window lock key, brightness change, and shortcuts - Good price for mechanical keyboard I think it is also a good idea...

a week after i got this keyboard i instantly realized the E key would repeat itself a lot. I Couldn't find a way to fix this, and i'm hoping it doesn't do this for other keys in the future - Large keys like the Enter key are harder to put back in

Jan 2016

Consumenten review (

Keys do not register


not like other TT products, 99% of them are great, this one is not a good representation of their products.

After about 6 months 10 keys do not register.

Jan 2016

Consumenten review (

I bought this one in April 2015, so it is less than one year, and some keys does not work well already


you know as mechanical

this one does not last as supposed to!

Jan 2016

Consumenten review (

Lasted almosst onee yer


- I would probabbly never purchasse another Tt Keyboard, i would like my money back TTBBH This was like $100 of my hard earned money that is basically wasted now.

It lasted 351 days and now finially i have had enough of it.

I hav issues with the keys reestering , somtimes tthe keys regestter, and othe ttimes they dont. As i type typically fast i never ccheck to see if tthe speelling is correect ( which it usually is) untill this keyboard start to double and triple tttypee...

Dec 2015

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