Asko W6864

Asko W6864
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Okt 2023

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alaTest heeft 41 reviews verzameld en geanalyseerd voor Asko W6864. De gemiddelde beoordeling voor dit product is 2.7/5, vergeleken met een gemiddelde beoordeling van 4.3/5 voor andere producten in dezelfde categorie.

Consumenten beoordelen dit product gemiddeld met 54/100.

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So Far So Good


So far we have no issue with this front load machine. It cleans the clothes very well, but it did tear out some underwear. In term of noise, it is not loud and not quiet because I expect it generates some noise while it is spinning. One thing I like...

Jul 2017

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I am so upset i bought this machine!


This is the worst machine ever! After use of only 2 DAYS First the door wouldn't open, used the emergency key and the handle broke off! Then the door won't shut again! And of course asko are unavailable, thanks asko

Jun 2017

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Never buy one again


It washed ok, opening the door after you started was not as easy as stated and now 3years 10 months after buying I am told it will cost to much to repair we will give you a discount on a new No thank you never buy an Asko again thought I would get a...

Mei 2017

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So loud


I bought this machine for 2 reasons the no rubber seal so no mould and told that it was a very quiet machine. Since buying it I've had the technician look at it 3 times and on the spin cycle it sounds like a plane taking off in my laundry. I'm...

Mei 2017

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I intitially bought an ASKO front loader and now I would not buy another brand..wash after wash and cycle after cycle...I have never had the machine repaired. Not once..and that is washing one or two loads a day of every description. I love the choices...

Mei 2017

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Problematic from the start.


thought the bearings just needed to settle; so we let it slide for a few weeks. Fast forward to date; these are the issues we have - Loud buzzing/whirring when spinning, not sure if coming from motor, belt or bearing. - Water inlet solenoid chatters in...

Mar 2017

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Fantastic well built Swedish design


del. And impressed we were! It was one of only two on the market that doesn't have a rubber seal on the barrel, which has been the problem all along. Grease and lint would gather in the seal on the barrel, and this then transferred onto clothing. We...

Feb 2017

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Amazing Machine


have a great looking Energy Star rating, but beware how they obtained this Energy Star rating. The ASKO bases their rating on NORMAL usage, as most other brands are based on ECO program usage. This model is also fantastic when it comes to how quiet it...

Jan 2017

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So far all good


Bosch machine broke it's spider, basically writing off the machine. Askos traditionally had a stainless spider, hence it should last a life time. I rang Asko prior to my purchase to find out if Asko still have stainless spiders, but no one in their...

Nov 2016

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ASKO W6864 - So Disappointed!


Would not recommend. I know it doesn't wash my clothes as well as previous front loaders I have had. The door always registers as not closed when it is, have had a service person out to fix because it wouldn't even open on an occasion. I have to be...

Nov 2016

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