Asko W 6441

Asko W 6441
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Apr 2019

alaTest heeft 17 reviews verzameld en geanalyseerd voor Asko W 6441. De gemiddelde beoordeling voor dit product is 2.8/5, vergeleken met een gemiddelde beoordeling van 4.6/5 voor andere producten in dezelfde categorie.

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Never buy asko


3yrs old. Worn out don't waste your money over ratted terrible hopeless buy a meile any thing but asko rubbish. Price is not a guide to a good purchase will never buy any asko product again. Consumer beware do not buy this over rated product I hope...

Was a great machine but 3yrs terrible

Motor burnt out. Had a Simpson for 15 yrs cost $400 asko $2000 3 yrs

Mei 2013

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Anyone who gives it more than 3 stars hasn't owned it for more than 5 years


I need to buy a new washer. Every retail salesperson is flabbergasted that my Asko has packed it in after 7 years. "But it's supposed to last 20 yrs" they all say. Well it doesn't. Whilst the washing has been brilliant, the after warranty repair bills...

Water efficient, doesn't ruin clothes, easy to use

Repair bills

Feb 2012

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I have had the Asko for over 3 years. It was my first front loader. I chose it for its water and power consumption savings and promises of long life. So far it has lived up to its publicity. Clothes dry so much quicker saving even more power using the...

I love the way my Asko washes - even pet hair is removed. The choice of cycles - I never have to hand wash again.

The fussiness over filling it with liquid detergent.

Aug 2008

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Be Prepared to Put up With Repairs


Self heating water was major factor. Loved small size and the 1300 RPM spin cycle.

Constant repairs. Smoking. Burning smell. Fax Asko copies of all repairs to prove problems.

Jun 2007

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Washer and Dryer are very nice.


Low water, power useage. cleaner, fresher smelling clothes. Quiet operation. Requires very little detergent.

Updated! 10 cent dimes in intake pump hose cause F3 error.

Dec 2006

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my asko washer is worthless!!!!!


quiet, clothes come out very clean, uses cold water

always breaks down, small capacity

Nov 2006

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Repair man says he would trash Asko washers.


It came with the condominium.

Three visits by a qualified repair man and it still is inoperable.

Aug 2006

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Asko trouble


External size, water efficiency

Constant repair, leaks, internal size

Sep 2005

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Asko trouble


I am highly disappointed that I did not read the reviews on this product before purchasing it. I bought both the Asko washer and dryer 6 years ago while living in California. Water was scarce, so this seemed like a responsible purchase. Little did I...

External size, water efficiency

Constant repair, leaks, internal size

Sep 2005

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anti wrinkle program - WOW Factor!!! This model is particularly good, as it has great balancing system, meaning your loads won't get off balance. The low water usage is a definate plus in the current weather climate. It is sleek and extremely...

Low water usage,clothes come out a lot drier than a top load washing machine. The timer, savings made by using a front loader,ease of use, quick wash cycle, great garantees

i can see no negatives as I currently use an asko front loader and I would not part with it.

Jun 2005

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