Microsoft 5KV-00001

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Consumenten review (

nice successor to the Ergonomic 4000


I bought two of these keyboards, from different vendors, at different times. They have completely different media keys. Apparently one is the "business" version and the other the "desktop" version. Buyer beware. Apart from the media keys they are...

Keys feel great. I always liked the feel of the apple keyboard keys, but couldn't stand the straight keyboard. The magnetic battery cover and kickstand are very slick. I like that the keyboard has a little port to store the wireless transceiver (inside...

The 6 key layout takes a little getting used to. As others have mentioned the function keys are a bit chintzy - mainly they just wiggle around, the function is not impaired. The fact that you have to toggle a switch to go between function keys and...

Mar 2016

Consumenten review (

Smooth, quiet slim keyboard


- The arrow keys and home/end/pgup/pgdwn keys took me about a week to get use to. 9/10 I would buy this again. I was looking for a natural keyboard that didn't take up the entire desk that looked nice as well. I thought this delivered

- The footprint on this keyboard is really small which is what I was looking for - The keys give the appropriate amount of feedback and physical noise - For me the detached keypad was a bonus, although I'm not always sure where to put it to make good...

- I plugged the receiver into the USB hub mounted under my desk (2" think butcher block). I was surprised when I ended up having lag or missing key issues. Once I moved the receiver to a more visible spot coverage was perfect. - The FN key is a slider...

Dec 2015

Consumenten review (

Excellent, but somewhat unreliable.


Despite being unreliable, this keyboard gets 5 stars because it is so much more comfortable than other keyboards I've tried. You just have to treat it as a component that needs to be swapped out once in a while. If you make your living on a computer,...

This keyboard is easily the most ergonomically comfortable I have used. I've spent thousands of dollars on peripherals, and now that I've tried the Microsoft Ergonomic Sculpt keyboard, I have purchased 4 of them. The absence of a built-in 10-key pad...

The reason I have purchased 4 of these keyboards is that they break pretty easily. I've had keys fail on two of them, and I generally take good care of my peripherals. The only other con is the fact that the device is wireless, so there are times when...

Dec 2015

Consumenten review (

Even better than the 7000


For those of you who've been hesitating to let go of your beloved 7000 series ergonomic keyboard...fear not! Life with Microsoft Wireless Sculpt Ergonomic Keyboard is pretty much "same same, but different"..with the differences being so minimal that...

i've been using the Ergonomic Wireless Keyboard 7000s for close to 10 years now and my 3rd was pretty worn down, so I set out to buy my 4th. Pretty bummed to discover the wireless version was no longer in production and those that remain on the market...

They removed the number pad and made it a separate piece of hardware.... not a huge deal as I rarely used it before anyhow, but sometimes habit kicks in and i find myself reaching for it and then having to search my desktop for the keypad, which...

Dec 2015

Consumenten review (

Love it!


I'm buying a second! Really one of the best that I've used.

I program all day long and this keyboard is GREAT for that. The keys are really comfortable to type on, they don't get stuck and they are just awesome. They don't really require a lot of pressure, they snap back quick, and they are responsive to each...

None really. Everything works better than expected

Jul 2015

Consumenten review (

The Nearly Perfect Keyboard


1. In order to reduce the size of the keyboard, the right side of the keyboard has been rearranged, meaning the Insert/Delete, Home/End, and PgUp/PgDn keys are in different positions than I'm used to. I do not use these a whole lot, so it generally...

1. The keys feel great, having the perfect snap to them! 2. The battery life is incredible. I've been using mine for months now, and running on only two AAA batteries, I have yet to change them! 3. Key locations of the keys I use most are perfect:...

1. Windows 7 issues. I had extreme problems installing Windows 7 with this keyboard attached, and for months had no idea that the keyboard was the culprit. Once I figured it out, simply removing the keyboard dongle during installation solve the...

Mar 2015

Consumenten review (

Best Keyboard


I didn't purchase this one from newegg but I do purchase a lot from newegg and I like to write reviews here because reviews help me choose hardware quite often. For me, this keyboard is perfect. Love the split the space bar. It's a nice touch. Great...

I've tried many Ergo keyboards and generally I've liked them all. I can type so the main thing I'm looking for it the angle of my wrist. This one is perfect for me. It's the nicest egro keyboard I've ever used. I love the feel of the key strokes. I...


Mar 2015

Consumenten review (

Comfy and no bloat


I would like a little more key functionality on it, but I didn't knock an egg because that's not the purpose of this board.

Comfortable: The key tact is great and comfortable to work on all day. Clean: I love how this doesn't have a lot of excess material on it. The board is light and doesn't feel bulky or take up a lot of space. Business: No beating around the bush on...


Mar 2015

Consumenten review (



If the wired split keyboard design has great sales, why wouldn't you replicate a wireless version exactly?

I used the Ergonomic Keyboard 4000 and needed a wireless version of the split key design and this seemed to be it. Aside from the keys having a nice click and the sturdiness, what happened to all the space? The keys were nicely grouped and easy to find...

Sorry Microsoft, have to go with the Logitech MK550. I can see how a compact design would be nice for travel or something, but I I like the Ergonomic Keyboard 4000 because it's full sized.

Feb 2015

Consumenten review (

Almost perfect


Upgrading from a Microsoft Natural 4000 ergonomic keyboard that I have owned for years and absolutely swore by. It had a couple of issues and oddities though: the Zoom flipper in the middle is completely useless as are the back/forward buttons on the...

I am also a gamer, however, and I do not use a standard WASD key setup for first-person games. Rather, I use ASDF, where A is forward, S is backward, and D and F are strafe left/right respectively. This setup works with almost every keyboard I've ever...

Jan 2015

Product Specifications


Ergonomisch ontwerp:Ja
Kleur van het product:Zwart
Materiaal:ABS kunststof
Oppervlakte kleur:Monotoon

Eisen aan de omgeving

Luchtvochtigheid bij opslag:5 - 80
Relatieve luchtvochtigheid, in bedrijf:5 - 65
Temperatuur bij opslag:-40 - 60
Temperatuur, in bedrijf:0 - 40


Ondersteund aantal accu's/batterijen:2
Type accu/batterij:AAA
Type stroombron:Batterijen


Plug and play:Ja

Gewicht en omvang

Dimensies toetsenbord (BxDxH):228 x 392 x 59
Gewicht toetsenbord:836
Receiver afmetingen (B x D x H):13.1 x 18.3 x 4.4
Receiver gewicht:1.6

Minimale systeemeisen

Minimaal benodigde schijfruimte:160
Ondersteunt Windows:Ja


Inclusief muis:Nee


Ontvanger type:NANO
Wireless ontvanger interface:USB


Aanbevolen gebruik:Kantoor
Aansluiting:RF Draadloos
Aantal toetsen, toetsenbord:104
Bedoeld voor:PC/server
Full-size toetsenbord:Ja
Keyboard geïntegreerde apparaten:Nee
Numeriek toetsenblok:Ja
Stijl toetsenbord:Gebogen
Taal toetsenbord:Engels
Toetsenbord formaat:Standaard


Aantal inbegrepen producten:1
Batterijen meegeleverd:Ja
Meegeleverde ontvanger:Ja